Dive & Drive Packages
with Twin Peaks Diving Centre
More than 40 dive sites!
The island of Pico is the no.1 shore dive location of the Azores. That means that you can drive to more than 40 dive sites and enjoy shore diving. At your own pace with your own dive friends at your favourite time. Fully experience the most beautiful underwater world of the Azores around Pico Island.

The package includes free access to our dedicated shore diving APP where you will have full access to full site maps and information of amenities at each site. The APP updates daily to coincide with the weather conditions of the day to offer you the best sites in reference to the conditions and best ties to dive each site.  
Tired of being stuck in big dive groups?
Want to make your own dive plan?

Dive when you want ,where you want and how much you want without emptying your bank?

Well now you can! Starting 2021 we offer an unlimited shore diving package. For a fixed price you can dive by shore as much as you want! Simply put we provide you with 2 dive cylinders (air fill) per person and your required weights. When your cylinders are empty you simply pass the dive centre to pick up 2 full ones and drop off the empty ones. Dropping off empty cylinders and picking up full ones can be done from H 9:00 until H 17:30 every day. (if there is staff in the dive centre after 17:30 we will be happy to assist you!)

180€ 6 Days UNLIMITED shore diving!
Since Pico island offers excellent shore diving with easy entry points, good navigation marks and generally fresh water showers on site. It makes for a very convenient and easy option to dive by shore. Giving you the freedom to plan your dive days at your leisure and get the most out of your diving holiday. With the package we will provide a full guide of the main shore sites including underwater maps to help you navigate to the best spots the coastline has to offer and tips on what to watch out for concerning tides, wave and wind direction. (Feel free to ask our crew for recommended sites based on weather conditions as all of them have done more then 8 years of diving on Pico island)

The package does not include diving equipment and we do not rent our equipment for this package. The rental car will have to be booked with one of the rental companies on the island. We will provide a small tub to put your wet dive gear in so you dont have to damage the rental car. This package is aimed at more experienced divers as conditions in the Atlantic ocean are not always as easy. Though we do not ask for a set amount of dives or a certain licence level and will leave this to your own judgement. The Unlimited shore diving package is mainly booked in advance as we can not guarantee availability upon arrival and ask a higher price when it's not booked in advance to avoid over bookings.

Portuguese law requires an audible and visual signalling device for the surface (a small light and whistle). A surface marker buoy is highly advised but not required by law.
Gas Packages Available
ALL Unlimited Shore Dive Packages must be pre-booked 7 days prior to diving to ensure availability. Payment must be received to confirm booking, this shall be invoiced on confirmation.

Package Prices.
6 days unlimited shore diving - 180.00€
3 days unlimited shore diving - 100.00€
1 day unlimited house reef diving - 60.00€
1 day unlimited house reef diving including equipment - 100.00€
Cais Velho, this site has 2 dives available. Site has full step access making for simple entry and exit. Grouper, barracuda, rays and also our smaller marine life are plentiful on these dives

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