1. Reservations and Payments
To confirm a reservation, a completed booking form and a deposit of 20% of the total value of the holiday will be required. Balance payment is due six weeks prior to the date of departure. Your booking will be taken to be confirmed in respect of all persons traveling when you have completed and returned our booking form and have read and accepted the accompanying terms and conditions on which your booking has been made.

2. Payments
Internet banking, BACS and Google Checkout*. For payment by personal cheques please allow a minimum of 5 working days for bank clearance *4% card charge applies
3. Your Travel Documents
Travel documents will be dispatched to you about 10-14 days prior to the date of departure. No credit or refund is possible for any unused services included in the basic holiday price or for any loss, mislaid or destroyed travel documentation.

4. Passports and Visas
The Azores require a valid passport for European citizens. You must ensure that your own travel documents and those traveling with you are valid. We cannot be held responsible for extra expenses incurred if passports/visas are not in order.

5. Cancellation
Cancellation by you - Any cancellation by you must be advised to Dive the Azores ("the Company") in writing, whereas the following cancellation charges will be payable by you:

No of days before your departure we receive your written cancellation    
Amount you must pay
More than 42 days:  Deposit
29-42 days: 50% of holiday cost
15-28 days: 60% of holiday cost
1-14 days: 90% of holiday cost
Departure date or after: 100% of holiday cost

5a. Refund
All refunds shall be adjusted as to the above matrix

Alterations by you - All requests for alterations to confirmed bookings must be made in writing and an amendment fee may be applicable. Higher charges may apply if documents have already been sent. Alterations of travel arrangements whilst abroad - No credit or refund is possible for any unused service included in the cost of the holiday. If you decide to alter your arrangements whilst abroad, we accept no responsibility for any extra cost that may arise or any problems that may occur as a result of your alteration abroad.

Cancellation or alteration by us - In the event of us having to alter, amend or cancel the holiday on or before the date when the balance of payment is due, you will be offered a choice of an alternative holiday comparable to the standard you booked. If this is not acceptable, we will refund you in full. We may occasionally have to change your holiday arrangements, and we reserve the right to do so.  If the full amount has been remitted and in the unlikely event of the holiday having to be altered or cancelled due to our own failure and not because of failure of any of our suppliers, we will refund you in full. Princess Alice and shark excursions which can not be made due to weather conditions shall be substituted with other local diving activities. Activities missed or not used by yourself or group members due to personal reason are not refunable. Activities which can not be made due to conditions beyond our control and are deemed to be unsafe for example bad weather we shall refund the cost of the said activity. Activities purchased within a package may have been purchased at a reduced rate hence refund would be in accordance.

6. Your Holiday Insurance
you must take out for your whole party either our recommended dive & travel insurance, (Dive Master Insurance), or another policy giving equally good cover before we accept your booking.

7. Conditions of Carriage
The flyer and Website of Dive the Azores is produced at the sole responsibility of the tour operator. It is not issued on behalf of and does not commit airlines mentioned therein or any airlines whose services are used in the course of the tours. The responsibility of the IATA airlines in conjunction with the tours offered is limited to the carriage of passengers and their baggage in accordance with the conditions of carriage of the participating airlines.

8. If you have a Complaint
We will do our best to sort out any complaints you may have amicably. However, we ask that any problem or dissatisfaction should be brought to the attention of the local supplier immediately to enable the matter to be rectified as soon as possible. In the unlikely event of the matter not being resolved satisfactorily, please write to us within 14 days of your return, so we may further investigate the matter. Your contract with us is subject to English law and exclusive jurisdiction.

9. Your Responsibilities
a. You must ensure that you and the rest of your party have valid passports and any appropriate visas (See Section 4 above).

b. All divers should be suitably qualified and can prove qualification at resort. All divers should have current medical certification within the guidelines of their diving organization e.g. BSAC, PADI.
c. All divers from their dive package will be asked to conduct a “check” dive to ensure suitability for diving in current conditions.

e. You must be responsible for the behavior of yourself and your party. We can refuse to accept you as a customer or refuse to continue dealing with you if your behavior is, in our opinion, or in the opinion of the airline pilot, hotelier or other person in authority, disruptive, dangerous or annoying to other people or property. We will not pay any refund or any costs incurred by you, if the person in authority deems your behavior unacceptable. If this means you are not allowed to board your outward flight, we will treat your booking as cancelled from that moment and you will have to pay full cancellation charges (see Section 5 above).

We cannot accept liability for death, damage or injury, or for any failure to perform properly any of the terms of this contract, caused by circumstances, which is not our or our suppliers' fault. Accordingly, if death, damage or injury is caused by something which could not have been predicted or avoided, even if we or our suppliers had taken all due care, or by an unusual or unforeseen event beyond our or our suppliers' control which we could not have avoided, we cannot be liable to you. Also, if it is your own fault or the fault of someone else in your party or the fault of some third party unconnected with us or our suppliers is unforeseen or unavoidable, then we shall not be responsible to you.