coastal diving packages
   MARCH - MAY Coastal Diving Package

  • Narval Shrimp Dive (Night dive)
  • SCUBA equipment rental available
  • Local traditional evenings
  • Discount on all SSI recreational diving courses
  • Accommodation Pick-ups and drop-offs
  • Friendly staff on hand throughout your stay

NEED ACCOMMODATION? Whilst Dive the Azores does not supply packages we can certainly help you find the perfect accommodation see more​

15% Discount on SCUBA COURSE 
We are a SSI, SDI and BSAC Dive centre, priding ourselves on consistently high standards of quality and safety. We offer the complete range of courses applicable to our coastal environment. Together with our staff we can schedule any course to fit your holiday timetable. We offer professional  scuba training for everyone from absolute beginners, including children, all the way to instructor level for full details on the courses we offer

We certainly hope you can join us this spring
Dive the Azores Team.
Our coastal diving packages offers exciting and stunning local coastal and near shore diving encounters. Our topography formed by our bygone eruptions have left us with an array of coastal shelving and stunning walls. Lava formed canyons, gullies, caves and spectacular arches. It is possible for us to search specific marine life by diving coastal areas at certain tide states depending on species required. This for instance can be a sandy seabed on a flowing tide would give us great opportunities to encounter our Common stingrays whilst on the other side calmer water on our lava formed pebble fields provide us with our Black, Mediterranean and Fangtooth morays along with our Dusky and Island groupers. An exciting encounter are our large Round Stingrays, barracuda, jacks and even maybe on coastal dives our Atlantic Bonito

Our local coastal diving via our boats will give us access to some of our pinnacles and wreck sites which make great diving sites for our somewhat larger friends such as eagle rays, tunas andjacks, not to mention a stunning topography making our local coastal a diving lottery. Photographers will be in their element with a vast amount of subjects to concentrate on whether it is macro or wide angled the opportunities are endless together with visibility of 15 – 30m and temperate sea temperatures making Pico diving perfect. 

Narval Shrimp nocturnal migration.
This is an elegant shrimp with a smooth shell and a small notch at the basal part of the rostrum, which is long, curves slightly upwards and is toothed both on top and underneath. The last three pairs of limbs are particularly long and the first pair of antenna are longer than the body. The body of the narval shrimp is pale red with darker red longitudinal lines separated by four golden yellow lines. The legs and antenna are bright red. The nocturnal migration of the narval shrimp leaving the safety of the cave for their nightly feed is a spectacular sight. We illuminated the exit of the cave with red light this does not intimidate the narval shrimp so they can continue with their regime undisturbed and always us to observe the shrimp in its natural behaviour. We start the dive at sunset to enable us to be in position as night falls to observe this truly amazing migration.
Reproduction takes places between the spring and the autumn but is more prolific in March and the female can easily be seen with her light-blue coloured eggs. During the day this shrimp lives in burrows in the mud or sand and at night can be seen swimming in large groups in the caves. 


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