What is the water temperature? 
Water temp through June to October are between 19-22 degrees. So a good fitting 6mm wetsuit shall serve you well. We have 6mm semi-dry suits with 3mm shorties for hire if you require a little more warming.

When is good to Dive Princess Alice? 
Princess Alice is an off-shore seamount which is very weather dependent. We find the better periods of opportunity is on a spring tide. The dive is taken on a shot line between 10-20m so is open to all but we would ask for those of lesser experience to do a check dive with us before hand. We offer 2 types of trips to PA a 2 dive trip (€250)and a 2 dive twilight lite dive package (€350) for those that want something special.

Can I dive NITROX?  
The dive centre has a continuous blender that can mix up to 40% for certified divers. We can also partial pressure mix for those wishing a higher mix for decompression for our technical range of diving

Do you Offer Technical diving?
We certainly do, we are the only technical dive centre in the central group of the Azores that has the infastructure and instructors to offer you everything from Technical diving to Technical courses from Advanced Nitrox to Trimix diving for both Open Circuit and CCR. We are the only centre in the Azores with SSI. TDI status and a BSAC Technical centre. Our instructor/guides are in the centre and not brought in to teach as and when needed. 

Can I bring my Rebreather?
Yes please, as rebreather instructors we love diving with others. We hold on stock Sofno have 2,3 and 5l cylinders available and can provide boosted oxygen. We also offer Poseidon MKVI and SE7ERN courses. If you have never dived a rebreather then why not give it ago. We offer intro to rebreather diving course which is just 1/2 day.

Can I rent equipment from you? 
The dive centre has a full selection of high standard SCUBA equipment with an in house SCUBA technician so the equipment is serviced to the highest standards. Both REC and TECH equipment is available. 

Frequently Asked Questions