Diving Pico in the Azores will blow your mind. The lava formed topography is magnificent, forming a labyrinth of arches, caves and caverns. The days out on the boat are a joy and the Atlantic underwater life simply has to be seen for yourself. Join us diving with our Mantas, Mobulars "devil rays" and of course along with our pelagic fish, tuna, barracuda to name a few
Welcome to Dive the Azores providing a gateway into one of Europe's best kept secret. Dive the Azores is more than just a gateway for diving the Azores. Our team offers a wide range of both water and land activities from Blue shark diving to trekking Mount Pico. The Island of Pico has the advantage of the clear blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean along with the subtropical waters provided by the Gulf Stream, which means you may encounter, more than just a single type of large marine species. A big advantage of diving the Azores is that diving around Pico is still relatively untouched which ensures your diving experience is one that many have not seen.  Dive the Azores can offer you a full range of diving from snorkeling, recreational, rebreather through to technical making us your perfect choice whatever you dive.  We are also a BSAC, SSI, SDI and TDI affiliated centre ensuring if you need training we have the right course for you
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